Seasons of Training


This past Summer was an intense one for  Molly Drooger, Jessie Niemi, and Brooke Morley as they  participated in a  “season of training” while they played and interned for the Charlotte Lady Eagles  the women’s elite soccer team operated by Missionary Athletes International.   When the  season was over, Molly and Jessie took the skills that they learned, and applied them  doing urban ministry and living in a refugee neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina during the last nine months.  Meanwhile, Brooke has been coaching girls soccer at Charlotte Latin High school, and works with the Charlotte Eagles in the YMCA coaching program–a new program, training and equipping volunteer recreational coaches.

From March 9th to 12th, these three girls, having been trained on Eagles teams, looked to apply their training in a week-long spring term class for a school called Arborbrook Christian academy. The class was designed to cover sports and nutrition from a biblical perspective, so it was the perfect opportunity to introduce sports ministry to their young students. Molly, Jessie and Brooke knew they were “equipped” with enough tools and information to pass down some of their knowledge and stories of their experiences to these kids.

By the end of the week, all of the students had been introduced to the concept of sports ministry. The theme of the week was Confidence in Christ. Students learned all week about their identity and how that related to having confidence as a son and daughter of God. “I learned how to apply God to sports and confidence” one student said. Another wrote, “I learned that confidence and trust really apply to being a team.” Confidence is something that so many young people are hungry for but often don’t seek the right source. Too often youth seek out the temporary exchanging it for the eternal identity we can find in being a child of God.

We at MAI are so proud to provide our communities all over the country, with tangible examples of players and coaches who get it. Missionaries who are seeking to find confidence in their Creator and would love to tell others about it too.

Please consider giving today, your gift helps us to continue delivering this message and providing our communities with these examples.



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