The vision for using soccer to reach a lost world that lead to the organization of MAI was founded by Tim Conrad in La Habra, California in 1983. In the fall of 1984, Dave Irby joined MAI as its first full time staff member. In the fall of 1987 six other men joined staff. Continued growth both in programs and personnel has been the pattern since that time.

MAI became a charter member of the International Sports Coalition in 1985 and has since joined in member with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (1989.)

In the fall of 1990, MAI opened up its first divisional ministry office away from the Los Angeles area. This office was headed by Jon and Ruthie Ortlip and was placed in Northern England, in the town of Bolton. In 1991 Brian and Chris Davidson opened up MAI’s second division of ministry away from Los Angeles in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1992, Tim and Carol Conrad moved to Colorado Springs to set up MAI’s International Headquarters. 1993 saw Bill and Lisa Galipault open MAI’s fourth ministry location in theCzech Republic. And in July of 1997, the Chicago office opened under the leadership of Rick and Janice McKinley. In the late 90’s, MAI’s office in England became an independent organization under “Ambassadors in Sports.”

MAI is presently located in three states in the United States and three overseas countries. MAI has two administrative offices and three ministry offices in the United States. Executive functions are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Mission Support Services in La Mirada, California. Ministry sites include La Mirada, California; Charlotte,North Carolina; and Chicago, Illinois. Overseas locations include the Czech Republic andUkraine.

MAI’s main methods of evangelism and discipleship have been the organizing of soccer teams, running soccer camps and taking short-term soccer tours overseas. These main methods are augmented by other ministries, including: clinics, school programs, prison, inner city ministries; training leaders to be sports ministers and sending them out to partner with other Christian agencies using soccer.

From sending one team overseas the ministry grew to where it is now. We thank the Lord for His blessings through the years as he has allowed us to grow.


“Our vision is to see God glorified, lives changed and a worldwide movement of sports evangelism.”


“Our mission is to communicate the message of Jesus Christ through the environment of soccer. We accomplish this by doing sports ministry, training in sports ministry and deploying sports ministers as a resource to the Body of Christ.”


Submission : Ministry First, Soccer Second. We desire to see God glorified over our own ambitions. We submit our love of the sport of soccer, our pride and ambitions to the cross. We seek to develop sports ministers who are “Christians who play soccer” rather than “soccer players who are Christians”.

Transformation : We want to see “lives changed” through the transforming power of the gospel as it is applied in a sports environment. This happens through developing an authentic relationship with Christ and applying it on the field. The transformation starts in our hearts, is demonstrated in our actions and bears fruit as we serve others.

Faith : We want to “Trust God and Take Risks.” We prioritize prayer as a conscious decision to submit our plans to the Lord and to seek His will in all of our endeavors. We demonstrate our dependence on His provision by operating on a faith basis to provide for the personal support of our staff. We seek to share the gospel in places that may be difficult to reach by traditional means and methods.

Relationships : We must be involved in relationships with other people in order for the transformation process to be fully realized. We seek to be a resource to the body of Christ and to participate in a worldwide movement of sports evangelism. In order to do so, we must develop partnerships with others believers in order to increase our effectiveness.


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